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GSI Pharma, established in 1992, is a US-based company operating out of Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. GSI Pharma is a Customs Bonded and Insured supplier of Pharmaceutical and Medical Products. GSI’s primary focus is Pharma import/export, providing compound products, along with Personal Protective Equipment to pharmacies and medical labs throughout the USA. GSI Pharma is a direct supplier to distributors like SYSCO and Government Agency’s such as FEMA.


GSI Pharma is immensely grateful for our Government Employees, Public Servants and Medical & Hospital personnel, who are working day in and day out, putting their health on the line to keep citizens safe during this Global Pandemic. To combat COVID-19 from harming your frontline specialists, GSI has refocused its primary efforts and reserved its PPE & Other Goods to service only those who need it most.


Through our long-term international relationships, in conjunction with our Intelligence & logistics specialists strategically placed all around the world, GSI has the experience, knowledge and ability to fulfill your purchase order during and after this International Disaster. Please know that we are doing our best to continue to secure more product every day.