Spring COVID-19 Rapid Screening Emergency Response Test Kit

Rapid chromatographic immunoassays  detect both IgG/IgM  antibodies to COVID- 19. 
IgM antibodies are produced when one becomes infected with the COVID-19 virus, even before developing symptoms. They typically rise within a few days of initial infection. IgG antibodies appear about 14 days after infection, and may remain present for several weeks or even months.
IgG/IgM antibody detection evidences viral exposure and can provide a better idea of the stage of the infection. This information not only helps treatment of individual cases, but allows to track the disease as it moves through the population.

Kit de un solo uso

  • Dispositivo de prueba
  • Lancet
  • Buffer
  • Pipeta
  • Alcohol pad
  • Manual de instrucciones / información


500K per month


FDA Approved